JP100435 General Purpose Low Profile Heavy Duty Seat Swivel


Heavy Duty Low Profile General Purpose Seat Turntable / Swivel rotates both ways and locks out at 180 degrees popular for motorhome, van, truck, bus and marine applications. (These are none specific to any vehicle, some degree of modification will possibly be needed).

The Heavy Duty Low Profile swivel release handle is situated on the left hand side of the unit. The swivel locks in the forward position and at 180 degrees. The swivel can turn 360 degrees in both directions.

The release handle comes out of the left hand side of the swivel and protudes 100mm. The top and bottom plates have the same hole patterns.

The following fixing centres are possible:

Across in mm.  Front to back in mm

216         x       302

230         x       302

280         x       302

328         x       302

328         x       250

Additional holes could drilled.

Overall – Width 358mm. Length 349mm.

Height: 30mm

Weight: 9KG

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