VW Crafter/MAN TGE 2017 + Single Seat Swivel Base


VW Crafter/MAN TGE 2017 + Single Seat Swivel Base

This is a heavy duty, low profile genuine FASP turntable swivel base.

Fitment notes: The handbrake on the VW Crafter MAN TGE 2017 + will need remounting in a lower position. Instructions on how to do this are included.  The seat sliders have locating pins on them which require cutting off to allow the seat to seat flat on the swivel. Alternatively you can drill an additional set of holes in the swivel to allow the pins to sit in. Please note that if your vehicle is equipped with the automatic retracting handbrake, the driver side swivel will require spacing by 40mm.

You can order driver’s, passenger’s or both together by clicking on the option box immediately below.

Pictures for reference only.

This swivel is not suitable for the 2007-2017 model Crafter.

Pull Tested

Weight: 10KG

Hole Centres: 413 (side to side) x 365 (front to back)

Height: 30mm

1305.7237 Downloadable dimensions

Product Code 1305.7237 DX / SX

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