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FASP and Sportscraft are the leading manufacturers of seat turntables and seat swivel base enabling the front seats of motorhomes, vans and campers to be swivelled to face rearwards. Turntables and Swivel Bases are a popular addition to Motorhomes, campers and conversions, once fitted they allow you to ‘swivel’ your seat to face the persons to the side and rear of yourself. The seat swivels are easy to fit they are handed for both the drivers side and the passengers side. FASP and Sportscraft Seat swivels are crash tested and are used by the majority of European and UK motorhome manufacturers.

Jennings CVS Ltd carry the worlds largest stock of seat turntables and swivel bases. Jennings are main distributors for FASP and Sportscraft seat swivel bases.

We are also specialists in commercial vehicle seating for all applications and offer a wide range of services Jennings is the mainland UK distributor for ISRI seats and spare parts.